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Why Greek Yogurt is a Game-Changer for Weight Loss

Author: Kevin Driscoll
March 04, 2023

In this week's blog,  "Why Greek Yogurt is a Game-Changer for Weight Loss," I am going to convince you on... well... why Greek yogurt is a game-changer for weight loss!



Okay, you good?




Now, I’m not here to tell you what you should or should not eat (and I still won't), but I want to share with you why eating Greek yogurt can be a big help during your weight loss journey.


Packed with Protein

The first reason is that Greek yogurt is packed with protein. It’s super versatile and can be a total game-changer for your diet.


"Okay, and why is protein so important?" you ask. Let me tell you.


  • Protein will leave you feeling satisfied and full for an extended period of time. It is the most satiating macronutrient (compared to carbs and fats).

  • Protein helps you build and maintain muscle during fat loss. Eating enough protein can help prevent muscle loss. As you lose weight, you want to shed that weight from your adipose (fat) tissue, and eating a sufficient amount of protein will help with that. Plus, muscle burns more calories than fat, as it is more metabolically active.

  • Protein has the highest thermic effect compared to carbohydrates and fat, meaning your body burns more calories during digestion. (If you want to learn more about protein, including how much you should have, and have everything that will help with your fat loss journey, be sure to read my Ultimate Guide to Fat Loss!)

Protein is going to give you a great bang for your buck, meaning the amount of Greek yogurt you can have for the calorie-to-protein ratio is excellent (more specifically, Non-Fat will provide the best bang for your buck as there will be fewer calories per serving).


3/4 Cups of Fat-Free Plain Greek Yogurt:

Calories: 90

Protein: 18


This means 80% of the calories in Greek yogurt come from protein, which is pretty f*cking solid!



The benefits of Greek yogurt being able to fill you up and keep you full for longer are significant because, in a calorie deficit, hunger can be a challenge if you lack protein. Plus, it can fill you up with fewer calories than other options!


How Do You Eat Greek Yogurt?

With your mouth. Usually, it's in a bowl, and you use a spoon to put it in that hole underneath your nose...



But here is what you can make and how to start adding it.


Yogurt Parfait

You can simply have it alone or create your own yogurt parfait.


Add some cinnamon or coconut with a bit of fruit to give it some flavor. But if you are a bit of a psychopath and like it entirely by itself, do that… I don’t judge… okay, maybe just a little…


If you don’t like Greek yogurt or are looking for other ways to incorporate it into meals or snacks, here are some ways to sneak it into meals!


Protein Smoothie

This is a popular one here, but add a scoop or two to a smoothie, making the smoothie’s texture a little thicker and creamier.



Another popular one: sneak in a couple of scoops into your morning oatmeal!





My go-to switch here is on Taco Tuesday! Instead of sour cream, I always use Greek yogurt as a substitute! I can't even remember the last time I ate actual sour cream.




Now, a not-so-common way, and this may be a surprise, but yes. Whenever I make a Tuna or Chicken Salad Sandwich, I use half a serving of mayonnaise and a scoop of Greek yogurt. It keeps a similar texture, and the taste is still identical!




Again, bear with me here. If you like classic spaghetti with some marinara, add a bit of creaminess to it with a scoop or two of Greek yogurt.


Ranch Dressing (and dips):

It’s time to ditch your 2000+ calorie bottle of Ranch dressing; buy just the ranch seasoning mix and mix it with plain Greek yogurt.



Make The Switch

Anything you have ever used sour cream for, ditch it! Time to substitute it with Greek Yogurt!


Seriously, this is my favorite food hack.


Taste exactly the same, and talk about a better bang for your buck!


Look at the difference in calories per 100 grams:


IMG_0811 (<-- calories)


Not only that, 100 grams of sour cream has 3 grams of protein, but 100 grams of Fat-Free Greek Yogurt has 10 grams of protein.




As I said above, it is a great switch to make during Taco Tuesday with tacos or quesadillas. And when you mix it with salsa, it creates another excellent dip for some chips! But also, think about adding it to baked potatoes, chili, or any soup!



Did I pique your interest in adding Greek yogurt to your fat-loss journey?



I hope you can take away some tips and allow Greek yogurt to bring as much happiness into your life as it has for me. If you're looking for more tips like this, schedule a free, no-obligation call with me to talk about fitness and nutrition coaching!




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