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Why You're Struggling to Stay Consistent with Your Training and Nutrition

Author: Kevin Driscoll
October 14, 2023

Are you having trouble being consistent?


I mean, that's probably why you're reading this blog, so thank you for being here!

Let’s get into it.


Here is a common thought process you and many others might go through:


You have an idea of what you 'SHOULD' be eating.


You have an idea of what you ‘SHOULD” be doing for workouts.


But you're just not following through with it.


When it comes to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals, I don’t care how “perfect” your plan is; if you are not consistent with it, you won’t see results.


And honestly, a terrible plan done consistently will get better results than an amazing plan done inconsistently. 



You need to find a plan that works for you!


Listen, you know what to do.


You know you should be working out a couple of times a week, eating your protein, eating your fruits and vegetables, getting in daily movement, and sleeping 7-9 hours a night.


If people just knew this stuff and took action on it consistently), then I wouldn’t have a job. So continue reading, and let’s see how we can start developing consistency!


Short-term vs Delayed Gratification

Listen, I get how fat loss can be so confusing.


There is so much information out there.


“Take this fat burner…”


“This is a 30-day quick fix…”


“If you fast, it will change your life…”


But here’s the deal.


You are seeking out short-term gratification versus delayed gratification.


For example, let’s say your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. At that moment, it's much easier to hit snooze and sleep another 10 minutes. 


So, you sleep in and go to work. Work is crazy busy, your boss is a jerk, and you hardly get a second to yourself.


You eventually drive home, and that workout you planned to do has been thrown out the window, and you decide “I'll just go to the gym tomorrow.”


On top of this, you never have any plan for dinner, so you eat ¾ a bag of chips, ½ a container of ice cream, and your kids frozen chicken nuggets.


And this happens over and over again, causing another inconsistent week.


And I get it.


You are busy; you have a lot going on.


But here's the hard truth.


If your weight loss goal is important, find a way to prioritize it. 


It’s not that you don’t have time for it; it’s just not a priority that you are willing to put energy towards.


There does have to be this level of commitment and sacrifice in order to reach your goals.


Now, if and when you find yourself caught up in making a decision, i.e., skipping the workout, ordering out food, scrolling on your phone instead of going to get a walk outside, ask yourself this question:


What decision will make me proud of myself at the end of the day?


Another way to put this is, what is the right decision that will get me closer to my goals vs. the easy decision?


Take a step back out of the emotional situation, and be honest with yourself.


The truth is, the right decision usually isn't the easy one, but it will be that one that gives you such a great sense of pride and accomplishment.


It will be the one where gratification comes later vs right then and there in the moment.


Once you can learn to delay your gratification, you start to build more self-confidence and more self-efficacy in what you need to be doing in order to reach your goals.


Because now what you are doing is keeping your promises to yourself.


That's where consistency becomes easier.


You make a promise to yourself each day and week to the things you are going to do, you execute them knowing they will make you proud in the long run, and you grow as an individual, plus start to get those badass results!


So when that alarm goes off for your 5 a.m. workout, you keep your promise, knowing that in about an hour or 2, you are going to feel so much better about yourself if you get up and go to workout vs. if you just stay in bed.


When you don’t want to cook dinner at the end of the day, you invest in the next 20 to 30 minutes of putting together a nutritious meal that aligns with your goals because you know you will now go to bed with feelings of joy knowing you made the right decisions.


Don't get me wrong, I understand this is hard as shit, and that's ok. Practice it and start to be super mindful of it because once you grow and become more and more competent with it, you will be so thankful for how much more you feel in control of your consistency and ability to accomplish the things that need to be accomplished.


SO remind yourself in these moments to take a step back, get out of your emotional head that wants to make that easy, convenient decision, and ask yourself: 


What decision here will make me proud at the end of the day?



Wasn’t this blog fun?

Probably not, huh?


But here is the thing: this is the nonsexy truth nobody wants to tell you.


This is not a quick fix. 


If you need more information on setting up your environment for success (in a very simple way), check out my two blog posts, “How to Improve your Discipline PART 1 & PART 2.”


I would love to hear your thoughts, so please shoot me an email at KPD@kpd.fit.

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